Increased Risks Facing Drivers

Be Aware & Stay Safe

No matter you drive your vehicle for, there are any number of risks associated with it. Some will have to contend with greater risks than others, particularly if they are using their vehcle to transport valuable goods or even cash.

An incident in Belfast last week was a stark reminder of the perils van drivers can face and the necessity of having a reliable van insurance policy in place.

According to a BBC report, a man robbed a cash-in-transit van at knifepoint in the city on Saturday.

He made off with a substantial sum of money, which was later recovered.  However, the staff in the vehicle were left badly shaken by the ordeal.

Police in Belfast arrested four men in connection with the incident, but they were later bailed pending further investigation.

This incident highlights a number of risks facing van drivers and those who operate companies which regularly use commercial vehicles.

When you compare van insurance with, you’ll find a range of different options open to you. As well as the various types of cover available, you will be able to choose added extras, such as cover for cash-in-transit.

The robber here may not have made away with his loot, but on the occasion when a thief is successful, you’ll want to know that the stolen cash is covered by your insurance.

Also, the staff left traumatised by their ordeal could take a claim against their company for stress or physical injury. This is where employer’s liability will help out the company owner as it will help cover the cost of any claim and any potential competition.

Taking out appropriate cover will not only keep you on the right side of the law, it will provide an invaluable safety net for your staff and your company.