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Vans for Leisure & Pleasure

Not everyone who owns a commercial vehicle drives a van for commercial purposes, many people run a van purely for personal use. No matter what your age or motoring record, if you drive a van for personal use you undoubtedly want the best cover at the best price possible – well you’ve come to the right place. We can help you find the cheapest cover for almost all types of van owned and operated by private individuals and used for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting use.

When you are searching for private van insurance you need to think about the amount of cover you are likely to need and what you will get for your money.


Compare levels of cover and make sure it’s right for your needs. When comparing insurance quotes, try different levels of cover from to see what suits your needs best:

Fully comp cover gives the highest level of protection as any damage incurred to your own van is covered in addition to damage to other vehicles.

The next level of cover down is third party, fire and theft – this doesn’t cover any damage you cause to the vehicle but covers damage to and from other road users and will also pay out if your van is stolen or damaged by fire.

The most basic level of cover is third party only which only covers you for damage or injury to you or your van caused by a third party.  Any accidents of your own making or fire and theft are not covered.

Keep The Cost of Private Van Cover Down

Vehicle security is a priority and making sure an approved alarm and immobiliser are installed  can substantially reduce the cost of private van insurance. If your vehicle has no security currently but you are getting it fitted, try to use approved van security systems which are recognised by van insurers.

Be careful where you park, you will get cheaper quotes if you can park your van in a private driveway or garage, rather than on a public road, as it is less likely to be vandalised or stolen. All insurers will give discounts to owners who park their vans in a secure location overnight.

Keeping your mileage to a minimum will also reduce the cost of your premiums – the more time your van spends on the road, the greater the risk percieved by the insurers and the higher your premiums will be.  Many folk who say they are doing, say 10,000 miles per year in actual fact do far less.

Keep any modifications to a minimum as these can premiums dramatically, repairs to modified vehicles are usually more costly in the event of an accident.

One of the best ways to reduce your premiums is to choose a higher excess on the policy – just make sure you have the money set aside just in case you need to amke a claim as this is the portion which you must pay yourself.

As van insurance specialists we can help you find cheap personal van insurance policies no matter what you use your vehicle for, from amateur DJs and musicians to car booters and keen DIYers or just people who have a lot of junk to drop off at the tip, your van is the perfect mode of transport and able to carry all your gear. Make sure it is protected so you can be back on the road in no time.

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