Peugeot Partner Van Review

Peugeot Partner Van ReviewPeugeot take Partner off the beaten track

IF you don’t know much about light vans, you’d be mistaking for think the Partner was one of them new pick-ups from the good old US of A which are all the rage at the minute.
But don’t worry, nobody’s going to want you to say ‘Howdy, Partner’, a polite hello (or should that be bonjour) will do.

The Peugeot Partner has been knocking about for a good while now and is a solid performer in the light van market. In a bid to make it a bit greener and nudge it slightly off the beaten track, Peugeot have made a few tweaks to this latest edition.

Initially, the most noticeable is the front of the van which has had the new Peugeot lion badge slapped on there with new headlamps and mirrors. This brings in more in line with the cars that Peugeot make which is a bit of trend among vans nowadays.

They’ve also given the trim inside a bit of a rejig and darken the tail lamps a shade.  Although these are the changes which will be most obvious to the eye, the real reboot concerns matters under the bonnet.

The new e-HDI 92hp 1.6litre diesel engine is designed to make the Partner even kinder to Mother Earth. With the manual gearbox, it can achieve CO2 emissions of 128g/km or, once the EGC automated manual gearbox is in operation, that drops to a very welcome 126g/km, unrivalled across the range.

And it doesn’t skimp on value either when it comes to fuel consumption, offering a generous 60.1mpg. Through the great savings in van insurance you can make and this bad boy isn’t going to break the bank.

Even the standard 1.6litre HDI, which comes in either a 75hp or 95hp version, isn’t too shabby when it comes to emissions and consumption, boasting an impressive 138g/km and 53.2mpg.

Peugeots Grip Control System

The new Partner doesn’t have an all-out four-wheel drive system, which is a pity since Peugoet are pitching this as an occasional off-roader.

Instead, it comes with the manufacturer’s grip control system, which will detect different terrain adjust the vehicle’s setting accordingly. Among the different settings are normal, mud, sand and snow and the Partner does cope pretty well on slippery surfaces compared to other front-wheel drive vans.

However, with less to carry in the form of an extra two driving wheels, this is another tick in the box for the Partner’s efficiency credentials.

Peugeot have pushed the Partner’s all-terrain features in other ways, such as mud and snow tyres, lifting the suspension an extra 10mm, cutting down on wheel trim and fitting an under-engine protector.

Okay, so there’s no need to ditch the Jeep, but the Partner’s new all-terrain features should come in handy for those who often have to negotiate mucky sites and tricky terrain.

But all the reliable features of the old Partner remain, such as the responsive handling and easy driveability and this new edition should give van drivers another option.

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