Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van

Coca-Cola take on Nissan’s electric dream

Nissan is hoping its electric van sector will get a boost from the news that Coca-Cola is using the e-NV200 in Yokohama, Japan.

The soft drinks giant isn’t the first company to try out the new e-NV200 in 2013, with firms such as British Gas and FedEx also putting the electric commercial vehicle through its paces.

Coca-Cola is using the van primarily as a vehicle for its regional sales division and Nissan hopes that the feedback it receives will allow it to perfect the final edition of the van.

The Japanese manufacturer will be particularly interested in how the van stacks up against internal combustion in terms of practicality and performance.

As part of Coca-Cola’s trial, the e-NV200 will be charged only at night to ascertain whether one nightly charge will be enough to allow a driver to complete his full day’s deliveries. This is also cost effective because electricity consumption is much lower at night.

Nissan’s ultimate goal with its flagship electric van is that it can lead the sector in terms of running costs, which is a higher priority for business now more than ever.

Should companies need anymore proof of Nissan’s electric prowess, they only have to look at the manufacturer’s excellent electric car, the LEAF which won World Car of the Year in 2011.