Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to ask before taking out van insurance:

Is this the first time you’ve taken out commercial vehicle cover?

You may not have any no claims bonus, so shop around for special introductory offers.

How much excess charge can you afford to pay?

By agreeing to pay the first £200 or £250 instead of the first £50 you can reduce your premiums. This shows to the insurer you are unlikely to make smaller claims and will only need assistance from your insurance company in the event of a big claim.

Can you restrict your cover to named drivers?

If you insure your vehicle for anyone to ride premiums will be significantly higher. On the other hand, if your fleet of drivers are young and inexperienced, it may be more cost-effective to insure for all drivers.

Is it worth skipping those additional bells and whistles that insurance companies offer?

Think long and hard over if you really need them. While they may seem attractive, they can sometimes mean higher premiums.

Have you built up more than 4 years no claims bonus?

If so, you should always opt to protect it.

Garage your vehicle for extra security

If your location is considered high risk, think about using or hiring a garage. If your van is garaged your premiums will be significantly reduced.

Do you have the correct level of cover for your vehicle?

If the trade value is not high then consider opting for Third Party Fire and Theft cover or just third party damage as opposed to Fully Comprehensive.

Top Tips to Finding The Best Deals

Choose the smallest weight vehicle possible for you, as a small van generally means cheap van insurance! Ensure your vehicle is fitted with alarms and immobilisers as this should help to reduce your premium. Usually the older you are the cheaper the quotes you will receive – cheaper insurance quotes are one of the plus points to getting old!

Prove you have gained experience, some insurers will apply discounts if you can show proof of driving other company vehicles. Declare your cars No Claims Bonus, some insurers will mirror your No Claims Bonus from your car onto your van, however please note that you cannot transfer this bonus!

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