Freight Transport Association Course

FTA Van Excellence Course

FTA Courses Aim to Increase Driver Standards

When it comes to driving, you can never know too much. Okay, so all van drivers will know someone who thinks they ‘know it all’, but it does no harm to brush up your knowledge or even gain a recognised certificate to help you on your way in the industry.

That’s why the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is now offering two new training courses.

They are designed to bring van operators into line with their own Van Excellence code, which itself was put together following lengthy consultation with the top van fleets in the UK.

The two new courses are the Certificate of Excellence for Van Operators and the Certificate of Excellence for Passenger Van Operators and will help all van operators go about their daily business in a safe and legal manner.

The courses are designed to cover all different aspects of the commercial vehicle operators’ industry, with one course aimed at those who run freight van fleets and the other for those who manger passenger van fleets.

However, both course will be striving to greatly increase the standard of van operations across the board.

Certificate of Excellence for Van Operators

These courses will compliment the FTA’s Van Excellence scheme, which itself was established two years with the aim of improving van operation standards. Not only did it give operators sound and practical advice, it also gave them the opportunity to gain a recognised accreditation which would testify to their good practice.

Mark Cartwright, FTA’s Head of Vans and LCVs, said:

“Any organisation operating vehicles as part of its business activity must ensure the safety of drivers and the public, as failure to do so can have serious consequences,” said Mark Cartwright of the FTA.

“These courses will provide van operators with a wealth of best practice guidance for operating safely, legally and efficiently and are designed to help raise standards across van operations.“

The courses are very comprehensive and will allow operators to improve or brush up on their skills in a number of areas including as vehicle maintenance, vehicle administration, driver licensing, securing of loads, speed limits/limiters and towing equipment as well as driver identification, behaviour and competence.

Once the course has been completed, all participants will be assessed and those who pass will be awarded the FTA’s Certificate of Excellence, which lasts for three years.

Not only will these courses and certificates improve the standard of van operations, gaining such accreditation is always looked favourably upon by van insurance providers.