Ford Transit – Britains Most Stolen Van

Don’t let your Ford get lost in Transit

Ford Transit Stolen VanThe enduring popularity of the Ford Transit among Britain’s van drivers shows no sign of slowing down. However, the Transit is also particularly enticing for thieves and the statistics from the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) back that up.

It is the most stolen van in the UK, with the Ford Transit accounting for over 17% of all vehicle thefts.

Perversely enough, many of the features which attract willing buyers of the Transit are also those which make it a prime target for thieves.

Due to the high number of Transits used by trademen and businesses, there’s always a high possibility that there will be some pricey equipment or tools in the back which enterprising crooks can flog.

Are You Covered? Read the small Print

It’s worth looking at your insurance policy for you van to see if you are covered for lost tools and equipment, especially if you are likely to store them in your van on a regular basis. If it’s not a feature of your policy, ask for it to be added or, better still, get a new quote for van insurance with this feature included. It may not add to your premium too much and could save you a lot of heartache further down the line

You should also consider storing your more expensive tools and equipment somewhere else overnight or when you are away from your van for an extended period of time.

As a manufacturer, Ford vehicles are very popular due to the reliable and readily-available parts. Thieves target the Transit because they know that parts can be moved on pretty easily. This will make it easier for them to get some money from their illegal activity as they won’t have to worry about selling a stolen van in its entirety.

Most van insurance policies will protect you against theft and if they don’t, it may be time to seriously upgrade your cover. The only level of cover which doesn’t include theft is Third Party Only and if you are driving a Ford Transit for work purposes, this sort of insurance will be wholly inadequate.

Steps to Take to Keep Your Van Safe

Even if you have watertight insurance, you should still take steps to make sure your Ford Transit is safe and secure and away from the prying eyes of thieves.

It some cases, it may not only be your van you need to keep safe, but your home too. Many thieves will attempt to get their hands on your keys, either by chancing a quick snatch through your letterbox or squeezing in through an open window.

Therefore, when you leave your house, always make sure all windows are closed. Also, don’t keep your keys in a place which is in sight of would-be thieves. It’s also wise to store your van in a garage if can.

But experienced thieves don’t need much chance to snatch a van. Even having it unlocked for just a few minutes can open a window of opportunity to a crook. Always lock your van, even if you’re only hopping out of it for a short period of time.

Having a good insurance policy will help, although if you are careful and follow the advice, you’ll reduce the likelihood of having to claim on it. Still, in the event that you do need it, you’ll want to have the best policy in place.

Comparing van insurance with will give you the peace of mind that you are keep your van safe and secure, but not coughing up a small fortune at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if your van is one coveted by thieves or not, you’ll still need the best value cover. So get a quote online today or give our expert team a call now and ensure you are protected.

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