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When business is concerned, you do not have time to mess around if your van is out of action, time is money and you need to get back on the road ASAP.  This is particularly important if your living depends on getting goods and merchandise to the right people at the right time.

If you’re one of the lucky few in this economic climate whose business is growing, then you may have more than one commercial vehicle in your fleet.  If you have been unlucky enough to suffer the the consequences of having one of your vans out of action – for example, in the bodyshop after an accident, then you know how costly this can be to your business – this is where van fleet insurance proves its worth.


Benefits of Fleet Van insurance

You may not yet have a fleet of vans in your company, but if business is ‘on the up’, then this is something you’ll need to consider come renewal time.  A fleet of commercial vehicles is best described as a large investment of commercial vehicles made by your business.  It’s essential that you protect all your business investments, especially your motor vehicles. In order to do this it makes good sense to take out appropriate insurance to protect your fleet of vans.

Insuring all of your commercial vehicles under one policy won’t only save you time and hassle, it also works out far cheaper than getting individual cover.

When you apply for fleet cover the age of all the named drivers is a big rating factor.  Ideally every driver needs to be at least 25 and with a minimum of 2 years of driving experience.  Obviously any younger drivers or those with poor driving records will push up the price so pick the drivers of your fleet carefully!

Every driver on the policy needs the correct license for the kind of commercial vehicle they’ll be driving – if they are behind the wheel of a 30 ton van, they’ll need a category 1 HGV permit so ensure your policy takes the class of vehicle into account.

Every time you add a new driver to the policy, or take on new staff make sure you keep an eye on these factors to stop your premiums from slowly creeping up.

Other benefits of getting all your commercial vehicles under one fleet policy are the potential savings to be made on extras such as legal expenses and fleet windscreen cover – economies of scale is the name of the game when it comes to fleet insurance so make sure your buisness makes the most of this!

Fleet van insurance can be useful where risk management is concerned. A good fleet insurance policy will make sure that all your commercial vehicles are covered under one roof.  If your vehicles are insured under loads of different policies or providers, then its going to cost you more in the long run, both in time and money. Both of which are in short supply right now.

Keep the following points in mind to reduce the cost of your fleet premiums:

Aim to park your vehicles in a secure region at night time, ideally a locked compound or secure garage. Insurers will also know how safe the area is based on postcode so if you’re in a high risk area its essential the vehicles are stored securely.

Always choose ‘named drivers’ as opposed to getting an ‘any driver’ policy.

Steer clear of making small claims whenever possible, sometimes its cheaper to get little bumps and scrapes sorted without notifying the insurer.

Remember that whilst the fleet van insurance insurance policy you opt for may be very affordable, it may not cover the goods or gear within the vehicles.  Ask about “goods in transit” cover when getting your fleet quote. It is often added separately as an optional extra so be sure to check this out – many times the cost of what is in the vehicle is greater than the cost of the vehicle itself!

The amount of the protection will likely be based on the total value on the contents. The goods in transit option covers theft of contents from the vehicle such as goods you are carrying or ‘tools in van’, as well as damage caused by any crashes or breakages caused during transit.

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