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If your operate a business which requires you to drive commercial vehicles, you must have commercial van insurance in place. Although the choice of cover may vary, whether you have it or not is not a choice you can make – it is illegal to drive a van without it.

However, you don’t just have to fall foul of the law to know that commercial van insurance is vital – the protection that it provides your business can also be essential. A failure to have the adequate cover in place could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and if you run a small business, it’s a blow you might never recover from. The cover is essential to anyone who drives a van, truck, coach, minibus or heavy goods vehicle (HGV).


The minimum level of cover required by law is third party only, although this may not provide you with level of cover you really need Fully comprehensive will give you a greater level of cover and put your mind at ease that everything will be taken care of should anything go wrong.

Of course, not all commercial vehicle operators have the same requirements and it will largely depend on what size of operation you are involved in. As well as the different levels of cover, you can also add on optional extras to your policy such as breakdown assistance or legal expenses cover. These can come in handy should the unexpected happen.

Just as all driver’s will have different needs, the type of policies on offer from different providers can vary greatly. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your homework to find out which is the best commercial vehicle insurance plan for you.

Weigh up Your Options

When weighing up your options, try to think about the vehicle itself and what it’s used for. How much is it worth? What sort of goods does it transport? Does it transport people? Who will be driving it?

If you operate a business which uses a number of commercial vehicles, then having all your vehicles on the same policy will save you money and we recommend you investigate a fleet van insurance policy.

Once you’ve mulled over all these details, you’ll get a better idea of what kind of cover you need and what it will cost.

When you consider the types of vehicles involved, it’s no surprise that commercial vehicle insurance can be quite costly. Most vans and commercial vehicles are only earning their keep when they are on the road, and they do spend a large chunk of their time driving up and down the UK’s motorways.

However, with, you don’t have to search the length and breadth of the country to find the best deals available.

Compare Quotes and Save Pounds

Different providers will offer different policies which make it tricky to compare like-for-like quotes. Comparison websites can allow you to look at a range of different policies, but what seems cheap can invariable not be so cheerful. You could end up skimping on cover just to save a tenner or two, only to find that you’re left high and dry if you’re forced to make claim.

When comparing commercial vehicle cover, it’s always wise to see what added extras are on offer. Are there elements of the policy which you can do without? Can you take them out to save money?

Taking out a greater excess can save you money initially, but you will have to fork out more further down the line if you need to make a claim.

In any case, having the right commercial vehicle insurance in place can put your mind at ease and you can concentrate on getting your vans and trucks out on the road and making your business money. This type of cover is such an essential part of your business, you can’t afford to make it an afterthought. If you put in the right amount of time to get the right level of cover, you’ll keep your business chugging along nicely.

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