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It doesn’t matter if you are a one man band or a large corporation, if commercial vehicles are a crucial part of your company then finding the best insurance policy tailored for your business is a priority.

In todays cash-strapped times, businesses are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and though we realise the importance of proper insurance cover, it is usually the last thing we want to spend time or money on.


Spend Time Now & Save Money Later

The old adage ‘time is money’ holds particularly well when it comes to business van insurance, a little bit of your time to do research and compare the market can save you a lot of money. If you can allow us just 5 minutes, then please read on and we will show you some useful tips to cut your premiums dramatically!

Every company is unique, no matter whether you have a few small vans or a fleet of hundreds of vans, you’ll want to have them insured to cover you against everyday risk factors. You need to get the best policy that entitles you to a replacement commercial vehicle ASAP in the event of any accidents, you simply cannot afford to have deliveries stuck in the warehouse because somebody has written your van off. Similarly you ought to get breakdown cover and legal expenses included in your policy for all it costs you, the extra piece of mind is always worth it.

Money Saving Tips

They are some useful ways to save cash and find cheaper van insurance online and one of the simplest ways is simply to let the old folks drive! Having drivers under the age of 21 will add an awful lot to your insurance premiums and the cheapest business van insurance will be found by making sure all named drivers are over 25. We know this often difficult to achieve but try it out when you next get a quote. The financial incentive may well be good enough to explore this option further.

Simple methods such as getting decent security devices fitted and making sure no tools are left in van overnight (with a prominent sticker letting potential thieves know this!) will also cut your costs dramatically. Even those ‘how is my driving?’ stickers on the rear of the van can help so make sure you get these and let the insurer know. They will often apply a lower risk to the policy as your drivers are less likely to behave like idiots if there is a phone number on the back of the vehicle for the innocent motorist they have just cut up to call!

Tracking devices are another effective way to safeguard your commercial vehicles – they also have the added benefit of making sure your staff are where they should be, making you money, and not skiving off down the bookies. Keeping your van in a secure garage or compound at night time will help lessen your costs, everything you can do to minimise the risk of theft of damage will help.

Many business policies come with unique benefits to tailor fit your trade. By speaking to our expert, UK based advisors we can advise you of these benefits as we have many years of experience in this specialist field.

It’s not just big businesses who can benefit from these deals, from builders to plumbers, courier drivers to ice cream van drivers, get yourself insured for just about any market!

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